Take the guesswork out of finding graves online.

Share your cemetery records with a custom Burial Search website.

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Like adding a 24/7 customer service rep to your cemetery team

Thousands of people search for where their loved ones are buried every month. But not every gravesite can be found online. 
When searchers can't find accurate burial records, they turn to cemeteries. Sometimes, these inquiries can overwhelm understaffed cemeteries. That's why CIMS built Burial Search.
Burial Search is an online grave locator linked to your cemetery's CIMS database. It makes accurate, up-to-date cemetery maps and records available to the public through your cemetery's custom Burial Search website, saving you time that would otherwise be spent responding to inquiries. 
The best part: It's always available to provide basic information about your cemetery. Adding Burial Search with your CIMS cemetery software package is like adding another member to your cemetery team.



Serve customers in new ways with walk-to-grave navigation


By accessing your cemetery's Burial Search website, anyone can: 

Search burials at your cemetery by first or last name.

View images saved in your CIMS cemetery software database.

Find burials by browsing digital cemetery maps.*

Explore which plots are available for burials.*

Print cemetery maps.*

Access walk-to-grave navigation for wayfinding on cemetery grounds.*


* Available to cemeteries using CIMS Gold or CIMS Platinum.