Ground Penetrating Radar for Cemeteries

Unpack the history of your cemetery

Whether you're trying to fill gaps in your cemetery's records or surveying a new section, GPR is a valuable tool for cemetery managers. Ground penetrating radar systems help cemeterians confirm burial locations and casket positioning, scan new areas for hidden objects (like buried headstones and lost graves), and increase the overall accuracy of cemetery maps.

Want to dig into the history of your cemetery without disrupting your cemetery grounds? Get a quote for ground penetrating radar services below.


Advantages of GPR for cemeteries

  • Investigate sensitive areas of your cemetery without digging, excavating, or disrupting the ground.
  • Discover lost graves, buried headstones, and water or utility lines.
  • Increase the overall accuracy of your cemetery maps by integrating GPR findings into your digital CIMS map.
A ground penetrating radar scans a cemetery.

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